In love with Art and Fashion since always, I created my own job. Impertinent, wild and free French baby, I write aloud on the social networks the pretty things and the crap that we say to ourselves in a whisper. I make ready-to-wear pieces and accessories in 100% organic cotton for the Human Gender, in a Parisian workshop. T-shirts, sweatshirts and unisex tote bags with intellectual-porn-chic messages, always bearing kindness. Involved in the LGBTQ + cause, I claim to be a love and "zinzin" dealer for the world.  

Through my creations, my mission is twofold:
- To free men and women from the barriers & prejudices (social, sexual, etc.) that they have often imposed themselves. I start the debate, break the taboos, always with respect and kindness.
- Counter the fast-fashion by offering ready-to-wear pieces and quality accessories, accessible, produced in France in small series to limit pollution and constantly offer exclusive products.

© 2018 Laurie Couratier

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